Surge Protection device & solutions

How Does a Surge Protection Device (SPD) Works?

A surge protector is an over voltage pressure relief valve. At normal system voltages, the valve is closed. When a dangerous over voltage occurs, the surge protector operates and reduces voltage to the protected equipment by allowing current to flow to ground. To be effective, the surge protector must be placed between the source of the over voltage surge, and nearer to the equipment to be protected.
Equipment withstand Voltage
What is a protection zone?
To aid in the design of the lightning and surge protection system, the concepts of “zones” is used. For example zones are classified based on:
• Area vulnerable to a direct strike, exposed to the full or partial lightning current, exposed to the full or partial electromagnetic field.

Zone Lightning Flash Current Field
LPZ 0a Yes Full Full
LPZ 0b No Partial Full
LPZ 1 No Limited Partial
LPZ 2 No Reduced Reduced

By identifying the various zones around and within a structure, protection can be applied appropriately. Zones may not necessarily be physical boundaries of the structure.