CPI-SEPL Satcom Service Centre

F.A.Q. of CPI-SEPL Satcom Service Centre

Q. Is it CPI ? This is a CPI authorized service centre since 1996.

Q. Are you CPI authorized service center ? CPI caters its unique support service for its products to customers through its 14 service centres across the world. CPI-SEPL Satcom Service Centre is one such CPI service centre operating in India since October 1996.

Q. We have a defective CPI amplifier. What should I do for repair ? You can send your amplifier to our service centre. We shall repair it. If you so wish we can also make an arrangement to bring the amplifier to our service centre. Before this, however, we will need the details of the amplifier, your observation and your contact details

Q. Give me address of your service center. SATCOM Elektronics (P) Ltd. Module: 104, SDF Building, Block-GP, Sector-V, Salt Lake Electronic Complex, Kolkata - 700091

Q. Can you send your engineer at our site for repair of our amplifier? If necessary we will send our engineer. On receiving your observation, we will send our offer, on acceptance of which we shall forward the visiting schedule of our engineer.

Q. What is your repair charges and how many days will take for repair? We can quote the repair charges only on evaluation of the amplifier. The repair charges will include service charges, cost of spares and government taxes.

Q. We have an amplifier non CPI make will you repair it ? We shall evaluate it if you have the service manual and spare parts.

Q. We want to go for AMC for our amplifier, please send your offer. For this we will need details of the amplifier, your work location, details of the availability of spares. We will be able to quote the AMC price only when we get these details.

Q. Do you undertake the comprehensive AMC 'as is where is' basis of the equipment? We may take up the job on 'as is where is' basis. If any parts required for repair the Amplifier, we will charge separately subject to prior approval of the customers. The comprehensive AMC will be start from the date of restoration of the amplifiers. We may also suggest some changes which will improve the performance of the system. It should be done by the customer in timely manner.

Q. We want to send our amplifier for repair what I should do? Write to us asking for repair at our service centre mentioning the value of the amplifier for issuing way bill. We will ask our representative to pick it up.

Q. What kind of warranty support you provide on repaired amplifier? We offer one year's warranty on the parts that we supply during repair. Warranty repairs are carried out at our service centre only.

Q. What is your scope of work during Preventive Maintenance? Regular Cleaning for air flow system. Various measurements as follows shall be carried out to check status of HPA and take remedial action, in advance.
I. Measurement of airflow
II. Measurement of temperature of the hot air at the O/P of the amplifier
III. Measurement of gain at different frequency
IV. Frequency Vs Gain graph
V. Measurement of Intermod
VI. Measurement of differential air pressure

Q. Do you provide other RF equipments with maintenance and operational support for up linking? Yes