Lightning Protection Systems

A comprehensive protection from direct lightning can be achieved by various elements of the protection system. The different elements of the protection systems are:
a. Active type lightning arrestor.
b. The maintenance free grounding system.
c. Equipotential bonding.
d. And Surge protection to all building service entrances and sensitive point-of-use devices.

These elements work together to protect human life and equipments inside a residential building.

We offers Customized comprehensive salutations to dissipate Lightning Over voltage in the earth safely and quickly.

External Lightning Protection System for Protection form Direct Lighting strikes Active ESE Lightning Arrestor (Air Terminal)
  • Stainless Steel Capturing Head consists of Load Control Device, Energy Storage Unit, and High Voltage Impulse Amplifier & Stream Emission.
  • Capturing head, Elevation rod (Stainless Steel) comply AISI 316 standard (withstands atmospheric pollutants).
  • High Pulse Emission Technology for Early Streamer Emission.
  • Standard UNE 21186-96 and NF C 17-102.
  • Dielectric Strength – 16-38 kV/mm.
  • Approx Radius of Protection: 42 to 107 Meters.
  • No external power required for its operation as it draw energy from the ambient electric field generated during thunderstorm.
  • Lightning Stroke Counter to count no of discharges.
  • Product is certified from the India Govt. Test Laboratories CPRI, Bangalore.
  • The Tester, a portable electronic analyzer, checks both the Early Streamer Emission circuit and the equivalent protection level of the lightning rod. The aim of this device is to ensure 100% integrity of the installed lightning rod.
  • Installation, Commissioning and services as par ISO 9001:2000 Standard.
Periodical Maintenance Free Earthing Electrode “Dual pipe with flat technology” earthing electrode filled with highly conductive compound This new maintenance free DUAL PIPE WITH FLAT technology has been invented by considering all the perennial problems faced by the end users till date to survive with the modernized equipments. This system is having three compartments as Outer shell, Inner shell and Terminal Flat in designed as per the standards of IS code of practice.
  • Heavy duty terminal strip of 38 x 10 mm
  • Special composition of moisture Booster for immediate results ( as per 2006 Technology )
  • Heavy wall thickness of outer shell and inner shell
  • Hot dip galvanization of both outer shell and inner shell.
  • Select models depending on fault current.
  • No fluctuation in current, fast dissipation of any fault current.
  • More surface area, less ohmic value.
  • Maximum 150 – 200 mm dia space required for installation.
  • Based on the IS code of practice IS: 3043-1987
  • Guarantee certificate will be issued for each earth electrode for its quality.
  • Product is certified from the India Govt. Test Laboratories CPRI, Bangalore.
Equipotential Bonding Compensation of electrical potential difference between electrodes To compensate electrical potential difference between two or more earth electrodes / installations due to lightning discharge it is necessary to maintain equal electrical potential between or among the earth electrodes / installations within the proximity of the protection area. Hence a predictive spark gap device is used. Having enclosure material as porcelain with a copper connector, it is light weight and sensitive enough to voltage responses of less than 10 kV.

Internal Protection System for Protection from Transient Over-Voltage MOV based integrated surge protection systems with combined Class B+C and class D We provide Surge Arrestors on the circuits like Power Supply, RF and data circuits as per the guidelines given in the IEC. The IEC 61643-12 which deals with the Surge protection of Low Voltage equipments has mandated that where ever any structure has any form of external lightning protection system, suitable surge protection systems that can handle both lightning and switching surges have to be provided at the main incomer on the L T power supply side (440 V, three phase / single phase) and input side to the equipments. This shall offer both common mode & differential mode (All mode) of protection. That is it shall have protection for a) Each Phase to Neutral, b) Each phase to earth and c) Neutral to earth. Further each surge arrestor shall offer a built in backup protection, indicator flag for each element of arrestor, quick response time (<25 ns) and LED indicators for indication of over voltage in the line.