CPI-SEPL Satcom Service Centre

Repair of High Power Amplifier

  • In warranty repair services with almost zero failure rates. Our expert service engineers identify the malfunctioning part(s) and replace it with functional parts.
  • The normal repair task includes evaluation of the faulty amplifier; forward report and our offer to the customer for its repair; carrying out the repair and calibration of the amplifier as per guidelines on receipt of the repair order.
  • Customers are welcome to visit the service centre for inspection of the performance of the repaired amplifier.
  • During the process of repair, we analyze the cause of failure and in most cases, we try to indicate the reason of the failure and advise the customer on actions to be taken to avoid similar/ repeated failure in future.
  • We offer warranty of one year on the parts that we supply. The warranty replacement is in country and immediate except for TWT and IPA.
  • Our offer clearly mentions service charge, price of the parts, time frame for repair, warranty clause, inspection after repair, taxes etc.
  • Free consultation over phone or in writing to solve in-warranty or post-warranty problems and assisting selection of model of CPI amplifiers according to traffic or external conditions (like rain attenuation in Ku band) and spare parts.