RF Safety Training & Audit

RF Audit At Site

Comply with International regulations or guidelines, address concern about radio frequency emissions within specified limit, a controlled safe space in order to enjoy the benefits of your wireless environment. All concern employer need to provide a guaranteed compliance and safety, bear minimize liabilities and clearly communicate to employees. The evaluation can be a useful tool in determining whether a particular site requires further assessment, or if an installation of a transmitting device will cause concerns as to safety at a site. This evaluation can also be used as part of a site database or inventory.
How to be benefited:

This Safety RF Audit delivers tangible benefits in your business and working place

  • Ensure legislative compliance as par international standards
  • Satisfy both employee and public concerns regarding wireless radiation levels, safety and security
  • Strengthen network integrity by taking control of your wireless environment
MPE Audit Report It is helpful for all transmitters or facilities that the MPE Modeling be known on new or renewal licenses or when modifications are made at the site. The MPE Modeling document is also an extremely effective tool for use at zoning board meetings, or when meeting with concerned citizens groups. Additionally, MPE Modeling data can also be used as a base of information for Intermodulation Distortion (Intermod) Studies.

This evaluation can also be used as part of a site database or inventory. Inventories are desirable at all sites to meet OSHA guidelines as well as to maintain pertinent records for site management. Properly updated and maintained MPE evaluations included in a site inventory can be utilized as part of a complete safety program and hazard analysis. SST Report
Like MPE report the reports from Superior Survey Techniques will be written by the RSI, USA from the data supplied after visiting the site.