RF Safety Training & Audit

Rapid penetration of wireless services in developing country like India has resulted in setting up of different types of antenna systems in not only within telecom companiesí work premises but also in residential areas. This brings normal people under the risk of RF radiation exposure besides companyís employees.

Critical health hazards (like adverse or painful stimulation of sensory or motor neurons, electrical shocks/burns, and excessive heating of tissue, cardiac excitement etc.) can be created by high level of RF radiations with operating and maintaining equipment (like high-power radars, Communication devices, Dielectric heaters, Broadcasting, Plasma processing, Microwave dryers/heaters etc.).

All of the above reasons increase the importance of RF Safety by multiple times to ensure that the RF exposure at a particular location does not cross the prescribed limit (Maximum Permissible Exposure or MPE).

SATCOMís RF Safety services can be availed to improve safety standard in various locations, dealing with high power RF radiation, including

  • Broadcast site with tower-mounted high power antennas
  • Building rooftop antenna site
  • Factory RF heat sealer operation where RF fields exceed lower tier but do not exceed upper tier
  • Electrical service company dispatches electrician crew to broadcast antenna site
  • Radio communication equipment manufacturer
  • Those conducts testing of transmitters performance
  • Transmitter site
  • Tower service company perform on-tower installation, maintenance
  • Vehicle-mounted VHF, UHF taxicab and police radios (typical 20-200 W EIRP)
  • DSNG vans thatís perform live telecast
  • Facility with high-power industrial microwave ovens