rfid design & system Integration

RFID Is an Essential Tool for Managing Processes Efficiently

RFID technology allows user to read (and write in some cases) multiple low-cost tags simultaneously from a certain distance without the need of line-of-sight placement of reader (or writer). This not only enables RFID to replace barcodes rapidly, but also to be used in several new applications where barcodes cannot be used. Some of the key areas where RFID can bring huge business benefits are
Supply Chain Management: RFID can be used to automatically track the location of a container in real time basis as well as monitor whether any special conditions, if needed, like temperature, storage duration etc are fulfilled during the movement of containers from one warehouse to another warehouse.
Warehouse Management:RFID helps to identify movement, location, storage condition of goods in a warehouse without human intervention.
Hospital Management: RFID can effectively be used to monitor patients’ movement, patients’ medical history, medicines given to the patients etc. It also helps to locate doctor and paramedical persons in the hospital premises which results not only saving of time but also avoidance of future medical complexity to the patients. It also helps to track the location and usage of costly medical equipments as well as prevent the theft of those equipments.
Parking System Management: RFID can automate the process of logging the vehicles details entering and existing a parking area and payment method. It also can alert incoming vehicle about the availability of parking slot and guide it to find nearest vacant slot.
Library Management: RFID can be used to automate check-in and check-out process in a library. It can also be used to identify a book in the huge library area as well as prevent unauthorized access to any particular area in the library. It can also prevent removal of books from library premises without proper authentication.
Jewelry Management: RFID can be used to automate the stock conciliation process in a jewelry showroom resulting in huge savings in time as well as manpower. It can also prevent theft of jewelry as well as expedite the sales process.
SATCOM has strong expertise in RFID area and provides variety of services in this area. Some of the key services are

  • RFID Tag Design: SATCOM provides services for design of customized tags (both passive and active) for various frequency ranges like UHF and microwave. SATCOM also has designed (patent waiting) “Miniature and wearable ring type passive UHF RFID Tag” which can be licensed by commercial producer
  • Site Survey and RFID System Integration: SATCOM provides end to end solution for installation, operation and maintenance of RFID system. The major services provided by SATCOM are
    • Technology feasibility analysis
    • Business and ROI analysis
    • Process analysis and definition
    • Selection of hardware and software
    • Specification of optimal RFID readers and tags, and their quantities and configurations
    • Physical and spectral analyses of targeted read zones
    • Precise calibration and tuning of devices
    • Training and post-implementation support
    • Periodical ROI review and carrying out necessary SW, HW, process changes to improve ROI