rfid design & system Integration

RFID Design & Development

SATCOM has extended its operational expertise to the field of UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) and Microwave RFID System design in 2009. The RFID systems at UHF work on the principle of far-field backscattering. While microwave high power transmission is generally point-to point/point-to-multi point using primarily free space propagation; RFID deployments use much lower power (due to regulatory considerations) and a typical deployment takes place in a densely packed RF challenged environment like indoor environments, warehouse, production line etc.

Our R & D team continuously works on development of specific customized Tag technology & Reader module with wireless connectivity in UHF range. Our team always follows the steps of product planning, design and simulation, testing, product confirmation, mechanical design and final fabrication of prototypes. We have already built niche passive & active tags, since we know that tag is the most critical element in a successful RFID deployment. Such tags are offered to customers to approach specific problems.

Our RFID tag design solution entails the following.

  • Small size with reasonable reading range.
  • Ability to withstand performance degradation when implanted on metallic surface.

SATCOM has designed (patent awaiting) “Miniature and Wearable Ring type Passive UHF RFID Tag” which can be commercialized by Tag manufacturers. This UHF Ring Tag is an unobtrusive and non invasive device acting as a tracker can improve security features inside restricted zone, track patients as well as caregivers in hospitals and also act as a personnel authentication for entry and exit in regions of special attention and protection such as places of public gatherings including temples and places of religious worship and the like.

SATCOM also has established industry relationships and partnerships with leading OEMs to meet your specific requirements.