cpi-sepl service centre

Training for Operation and Maintenance

We offer training on Operation and Maintenance of amplifiers to various users of CPI amplifiers.
Topics of Training
  • Introduction
  • Basics of TWT
  • Including block schematic and identification of various parts of TWT
  • Describing block schematic and various parts of TWTA
  • Functional description of TWTA
  • Operation of TWTA
  • CMPA status and description
  • External factors that influence the CMPA's operation
  • Precautions for maintaining the TWTA
  • Description of periodic and preventive maintenance of CHPA
  • Measurements of air flow, temperature, voltage and current
  • Gain Frequency, Helix Current, Power levels at different frequency
  • Handling with faults
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Trying to develop a list of important tools needed to maintain the TWTA
  • Sharing of experience with the maintenance engineers on the problem they faced with our observation and feedback during last 11 years
  • Supply of study materials and docs.
  • Recapitulation
  • Evaluation
Detailed activities
  • The construction and working principle of TWT shall be demonstrated and explained.
  • The circuit of TWTA and the function of various parts inside and their inter-relation shall be explained and demonstrated.
  • As the TWTA functions as a part of the total system, its integration to the total system as well as the integration of other items such as UP CONV, Antenna etc and their optimization shall be explained.
  • The daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance of the HPA shall be explained. We shall also explain the periodic maintenance of the RF chain.
  • The effect of ambience on the performance of TWTA and vice versa shall be explained and demonstrated.
  • All measurement such as Gain-Frequency, Helix current-Frequency at various output level, and its implication shall be demonstrated and explained.
  • For such demonstration we carry our equipment and do not disturb the working chain.
  • The training is well structured and at the end of the training we evaluate the participants too.
  • We also supply effective training materials.
  • We provide awareness on what should be done in case of emergencies.
  • How to see the faults, difference between temporary fault and permanent faults. Conclusion from the same.
  • At the end let us state that the training shall not be aimed at performing experiments with equipment but shall be focused on explaining the do's and don'ts of the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

List of the Test and Measurement Instruments that we shall provide for training are as follows:
  • Synthesized Sweeper (both frequency and level). Frequency up to 18 MHz and level -85dBm to +15 dBm.
  • HP frequency Counter
  • Network Analyzer
  • HV Break out box, CPI
  • Power Meter.
  • Fluke Digital MM
  • Dummy load, Terminators, Special probes
  • Air Velocity meter, Digital Thermometer
  • Earth resistance meter